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"If you have Muscle, Bone and/or Joint pain, you owe yourself a visit to my office. I specialize in short term care for Neck and Back Pain, Headaches, Sports Injuries, Joint Issues and more. I accept M.D. referrals and will work with other healthcare practitioners to better serve you. At Back Pain Relief Chiropractic, care is affordable, and accept many different kinds of insurance. Unlike most chiropractic offices in the area, there will be no long-term unnecessary care plans, no large up-front fees, and no fear based selling. Just mainstream chiropractic are at its finest."
""I never thought that I would be able to sleep soundly throughout the entire night," is what 42 year old Katy told me after coming in for 3 weeks. This is just one of hundreds of testimonials from patients that have overcame health challenges that affect their lives everyday, all be removing stress to the nervous system. Everyday we see people improving their lives: no more headaches, neck pain, back pain, asthma, allergies, digestive issues, sciatica, weight problems, sleep, and much more. THE FIRST STEP is to simply schedule a CONSULATATION to see how I CAN HELP."
"I believe that every person has an amazing ability to heal themselves if their spine and nervous system is working properly and at its greatest potential. From activator technique treatments in pregnancy, to reliable hands-on low back pain and headache treatments, I will guide you back to the path of good health. I treat patients of any age, from a two day old baby to a 90 year old, I work with each patient individually to tailor their chiropractic treatments to their personal needs and what is best for them to reach their personal health goals."
"I am blessed to be extremely good with kids and people of all ages! I also went to the 2012 Olympics as one of the Chiropractors for the US Team. I specialize in Spinal Correction with my adjusting methods and am one of 8 Maximized Living Doctors in Iowa.We focus on the 5 Essentials of Health- Maximizing you Mind, Nervous System, Nutrition, Fitness, and Minimizing Toxicity."
"Dr. Jia Mei Chen is an Iowa Board-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic who is extensively trained in the fields of chiropractic medicine, functional rehabilitation, nutrition, physiotherapy, and Qigong. Dr. Chen studied chiropractic medicine at the prestigious National University of Health Sciences. She studied first hand from some of the brightest and the best in the country. To further her training, she spent a year in Taiwan, learning directly from prominent healers in the fields of Qigong and holistic medicine. Dr. Chen focuses her practice in pain management, musculoskeletal disorders, sports injury, and occupational injury."
"My name is Dr. Dana Plumb and I am a National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic and licensed in the state of Iowa. I studied at the fountain head of chiropractic schools, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, where I had extensive training in chiropractic medicine, physiotherapy, functional rehabilitation, training and nutrition. I am Advanced Rated in Activator Methods technique which offers a low force, non invasive style of adjusting safe for all ages."
Chiropractor, DC, ART, ATC, CAc
"At Optimal Health we utilize a variety of techniques to better meet the needs of our patients. We treat a variety of people and conditions with our main patients having such things as: sports injuries, work injuries, personal injuries, and with acupuncture infertility, neuropathy, and bowel/stomach issues."
"What makes Chiropractic great is that it truly is HEALTH care. We are focused on returning your body to its natural state so that the nervous system can flow freely and control the body. The human body was created as a perfect system but the stresses of life get in the way and cause interference. Our mission is to remove that interference and allow the body to perform like intended. Getting patients out of pain is very important but we are also extremely focused on helping our patients maintain their health once it is restored through promoting whole body wellness."
"I have safely provided over 100,000 chiropractic adjustments and have served Omaha for 18 years. I am a third-generation chiropractor and graduated from Palmer College. Our office is equipped with a "family adjusting suite" and a coffee shop to maximize your comfort and minimize your wait while providing excellent care at a fair fee. We provide chiropractic care for pain relief of common spine, nerve, and joint problems with great results as well as preventive and wellness care to promote good health in people who do not currently have pain, but who are interested in staying healthy."
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