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Pregnancy Chiropractors in Baltimore County

"At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we perform precise, gentle yet effective, chiropractic adjustments to align the spine and safely unlock joints stuck in the wrong position. From infants to seniors, chiropractic adjustments are the most essential part of your healthcare regimen because they ensure the proper spinal alignment and maximum nerve function throughout the entire body."
"We take pride in delivering both first class health care AND customer service to our patients. We provide a customized combination of gentle chiropractic, physical therapy and therapeutic exercise in our state-of-the-art facility. We treat a variety of chronic and acute conditions, from back and neck pain to sciatica and herniated discs to issues with shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, etc. Our goal is to get you back to 'normal' as quickly as possible."
"Thank you for visiting Distinct Pain Solutions! If you're suffering with stubborn aches and pains that are lingering around endlessly, then you've come to the right place. I have the experience, know-how, and tools to tackle the most difficult orthopedic cases with gentle, effective, compassionate care. The hands on approach I use combines my personal touch with high end technological devices. The result is often immediately improved pain and increased quality of life for my patients. In this day of increased stress, Distinct Pain Solutions provides a therapeutic retreat to heal from painful and restrictive conditions."
"I have always strived to stay current with the rapidly changing medical field while not losing touch with the traditions that have made chiropractic the most effective form of natural healthcare."
Office is near:
Arbutus, Maryland 21227
(410) 928-7276
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"We've been practicing since 1987 helping thousands of people feel better and live healthier lives. We want to be your Chiropractor! With same day appointments and x-rays on-site, you'll be on your way to feeling well as soon as possible."
"With over ten years teating patients, I have had the opportunity to help people with pain and discomfort in nearly every part of the body from head to toe...literally. Pain can make life miserable, and I understand how it can prevent you from doing some of the things you love and hamper your performance in every aspect of life. I have found alot of joy in helping to restore my patients to the quality of life they want using a broad array of approaches I have learned and continue to add onto."
Office is near:
Catonsville, Maryland 21228
(410) 942-9442
"Complete Wellness Center , Palmer Graduate , with 25 years of Experience"
Office is near:
Perry Hall, Maryland 21128
(410) 417-7794
"I am Advance Proficiency Rated in Activator Methods Technique, and a Certified Instructor and Craniopath in Sacro Occipital Technique. Headaches are specialty."
Office is near:
Kingsville, Maryland 21087
(410) 449-0972