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Cedar Chiropractic & Sports PC, Chiropractor  in Hopkinton
“Cedar Chiropractic & Sports PC of Hopkinton is a specialty Chiropractic office that incorporates sports medicine, progressive rehab. and exercise therapy into the treatment of our patients. Our goal is to help patients alleviate pain & improve overall health, fitness & quality of life by providing treatment utilizing a holistic chiropractic approach. Our office is sports chiropractic emphasis with a family practice approach. Our doctor is a board Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician recognized by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physician. Visit us on our website to learn more about Dr. Binh. Website:
(508) 637-5479
Hopkinton, Massachusetts 01748
N Richard Archambault, Chiropractor  in Arlington
“"I have been practicing Chiropractic for over 25 years and can honestly say that I love what I do. I' m continually amazed at the power of the human body to heal itself once nerve interference is removed via spinal adjustments I practice natural, hands-on, drug-free healing techniques that are both painless and effective. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries as well as more involved spinal disc conditions, etc., consistently respond favorably to treatment. In addition to Chiropractic spinal manipulation, we offer modalities to address soft tissue injuries including ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, massage and exercise rehabilitation.
(781) 797-0811
Arlington, Massachusetts 02474
William P Feiring, Chiropractor  in Lexington
“My practice sees people of all ages and has been serving the Lexington, Massachusetts area since 1980. We specialize in treating a variety of conditions. These include headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain, whiplash, pinched nerves, mid back pain, numbness, tingling, or burning in hands, arms or legs, painful joints, low back, leg, knee and foot pain, arthritis, disc, carpal tunnel, TMJ and nerve related disorders. We also focus on how to stay healthy by providing information about exercise, and taking care of the physical body.
(781) 534-9950
Lexington, Massachusetts 02420
Mavor Chiropractic, Chiropractor  in Watertown
“Dr. Mavor is a dedicated professional who believes in helping patients empower themselves with respect to their own health status. His personal motto is, "It is better to thrive rather than just survive." His treatment goals are always centered on that basic tenet. His approach is very comprehensive and involves many aspects of his patients' environment including posture, sleep, diet and exercise. He often works closely and collaboratively with other medical professionals to ensure his patients receive the best and most comprehensive care for their needs.
(617) 500-1423
Watertown, Massachusetts 02472
Wilmington Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Chiropractor  in Wilmington
“My goal for every patient is to provide individualized care that will get you out of pain and back to your life as quickly as possible. We treat a wide variety of conditions from pain and stiffness to numbness and tingling in all parts of the body. In addition to back and neck pain, we specialize in treating sports injuries and motor vehicle injuries, such as whiplash. Our key to successful care is identifying the true cause of your problem. Once the cause is identified, we can successfully eliminate your condition and teach you how to avoid having a recurrance.
(978) 658-7590
Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887
Cheryl Ruth Lubin, Chiropractor  in Newton
“Back pain? Neck pain? Do you want to maximize your health potential? I and my staff are commited to providing you with safe,high-quality, and effective care in our warm,friendly office setting. My care is individualized to meet your needs, whether you prefer a gentler technique or require exercise instruction or dietary recommendations; we do it all.
(617) 606-3982
Office is near:
Newton, Massachusetts 02458
Herbert Jeffrey Bernstein, Chiropractor  in Newton
“Lower back pain? Neck pain? Headaches? Disc condition? Would you like a natural approach back to health? My staff and I have been helping patients for 25 years with safe, high-quality, evidence-based treatment. Conditions that tend to respond best to my care include lower back pain, sciatica, herniated/bulging disc, neck pain, arthritis, headaches, and extremity problems. Many patients report they sleep better, feel less stress, and are more relaxed when they receive our care. The work is so gentle it's suitable for adults, (including females in all stages of pregnancy), children, and senior citizens of all ages!
(617) 858-0999
Office is near:
Newton, Massachusetts 02459
“Health Source of Milford is a specialty Chiropractic office that incorporates massage therapy, progressive rehab. and exercise therapy into the treatment of our patients. Dr. Johns has had 16 years of experience treating migraine headaches, sciatica, neck, shoulder and back pain. Dr. Johns's gentle, non-invasive approach returns our patients to their normal daily lives feeling great. Feel free to call our office today to set up your exam and consultation.
(508) 603-0339
Office is near:
Holliston, Massachusetts 01746
Leonard Gauthier, Chiropractor  in Woburn
“I have been successfully treating North Shore patients for over forty years for Neuro-musculo skelatal involvements. My post doctorial studies were in the area of Chiropractic Orthopedics. Improving the quality of one's life is our priority. We take pride in our office and provide a warm, caring, and friendly atmosphere. Patients are never rushed as we do not over book.
(978) 822-0971
Office is near:
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801
Madeline Tejada, Chiropractor  in Cambridge
“My mission is to guide my patients down a road of optimum health recovery and provide the best care to them. I love giving back to the communities that I grew up a part of and am still currently in!
(617) 506-3911
Office is near:
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
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Chiropractic in Hanscom Afb - is it right for me?
Hanscom Afb Chiropractors specialize in the interactions between our nerves, muscles and skeleton and their effects on our general health. They diagnose problems and use manual therapy, including joint adjustment and manipulation, to prevent and treat them.

Many people who seek Hanscom Afb chiropractic care do so for help with back pain, especially lower back pain, neck pain and headache. Spinal adjustment in Hanscom Afb or chiropractic adjustment is the most common method of treatment--it refers to the manual adjustment by the chiropractor of the three-joint complex at the base of your spine with sufficient force to create a sensation of 'release', increasing the joint's range and reducing pain.

A treatment plan may involve one or more manual adjustments. Many chiropractors in Hanscom Afb also incorporate nutritional counseling, exercise or rehabilitation into the treatment plan.
How is a Chiropractor licensed?
The Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in Hanscom Afb must complete four academic years at a school accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education, as well as a one-year internship at an outpatient clinic owned and run by a chiropractic college. They are tested and certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and licensed by the state in which they practice. To maintain licensure in most states, practitioners must complete a certain number of continuing education hours annually.

There are several schools of chiropractic adjustment techniques, although most chiropractors mix techniques from several schools. Some Applied Kinesiologists in Hanscom Afb are qualified as Chiropractors.