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Chiropractors in Maine (ME)

"As the only Chiropractic Neurologist in Maine, I treat a variety of conditions: Migraines/Headaches; Disc Herniations; Chronic Pain; TMJ pain; Neck and Back Pain; Extremity pain; Carpal Tunnel; ADD/ADHD; Multiple Sclerosis; Fibromyalgia; Chronic Fatigue; Stress/Depression. Also, we are one of a select few that offer Cold Laser therapy as a treatment option."
"At Santini Family Chiropractic, LLC we use a multi-disciplinary patient-centered approach combining traditional chiropractic techniques with physical therapy to ensure proper healing and balance within the body. The latest chiropractic techniques and forms of treatment will be utilized on your road to recovery and wellness. We specialize in lower back pain, chronic neck and mid-back pain, pregnancy back pain, headaches, whiplash injuries, disc problems, arthritis, foot problems, proper posture and ergonomics."
"Conveniently located in the Pease Tradeport with plenty of free parking. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with great adjustments. Why continue dealing with neck pain, low back pain, headaches or other aches and pains. Try something new. Try chiropractic care! Come on in and feel the difference!"
Office is near:
Kittery, Maine 03904
(603) 509-3755