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Chiropractors in New Mexico (NM)

"Chiropractic treatment isn't just about aches and pain, it is a way of life. Prevention and maintenance are the keys to health and wellness and chiropractic can get you there. In practice since 1995, Dr. Karen Genter helps in many facets of healthcare through gentle, effective adjustments aimed at "turning your power on" by relieving pressure on nerves that may be hindering you from having optimal health. Dr. Genter specializes in the delicate needs of pregnant women as well as infants and children, but treats everyone from birth through elder years. Most insurance is accepted."
Chiropractor, DC, CCEP, CCSP
"The focus in my practice has been to alleviate and prevent pain, decrease or eliminate prescription drugs, and avoid surgery whenever possible. I personally have benefited greatly from chiropractic and nutrition, and I love to share the health benefits of both with my patients!"
"You want to spend more time with the doctor instead of their assistant. You're concerned that going to the chiropractor involves a life-time commitment. At Desert Motions Chiropractic , you will only get the treatment you need, even if it's just one visit! Choose Desert Motions Chiropractic and Dr. Gail M. Bradley because she specializes in the treatment of neck pain, mid and lower back pain, headaches, SI joint or pelvic dysfunction, and muscle or myofascial pain. Choose Dr. Gail M. Bradley and you will quickly become pain-free, experience improved range of motion, and exude better posture."