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Chiropractors in Linda Vista - San Diego, CA 92111

Roeder Chiropractic Wellness Center, Inc, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“Dr. Roeder specializes in providing the best chiropractic care to patients--from infants to seniors, sports injuries, work and auto accidents, to postural changes from pregnancy. Roeder Chiropractic's highly-trained staff also includes Yoga and Pilates instructors, as well as massage therapists. By integrating chiropractic with nutritional supplementation, homeopathic treatments, or herbal treatments when necessary, patients feel better faster and suffer fewer flare-ups.
(619) 537-6984
Office is near:
San Diego, California 92111
Brandon W Goldstein, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“Welcome to the Head, Neck and Spine Center of San Diego. Our office is conveniently located in San Diego just off the 5 freeway and La Jolla Village Dr. in La Jolla. If you have pain, discomfort, or have been in a accident, we can help you. We accept insurance and offer new patients a $0 Charge Consultation. Give us a call for details. We have quick scheduling and can usually see you today, or within 24 hours.
(858) 376-7975
Office is near:
San Diego, California 92111
Wayne M Whalen, Chiropractor  in San Diego
“With more than 25 years in practice, we have the experience and gentle touch you want. Dr Whalen is a specialist who lectures other doctors on neurology and workers' compensation. He'll take the time to get to the bottom of your problem, and work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your needs, as well as the latest research on what is most effective. We offer a variety of treatment approaches, from traditional manipulation to low force and non-force methods. In addition, we can provide you with tailored exercises, and various physiotherapy techniques.
(619) 663-6956
Office is near:
San Diego, California 92111
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Chiropractic in Linda Vista - San Diego - is it right for me?
92111 Chiropractors specialize in the interactions between our nerves, muscles and skeleton and their effects on our general health. They diagnose problems and use manual therapy, including joint adjustment and manipulation, to prevent and treat them.

Many people who seek Linda Vista - San Diego chiropractic care do so for help with back pain, especially lower back pain, neck pain and headache. Spinal adjustment in 92111 or chiropractic adjustment is the most common method of treatment--it refers to the manual adjustment by the chiropractor of the three-joint complex at the base of your spine with sufficient force to create a sensation of 'release', increasing the joint's range and reducing pain.

A treatment plan may involve one or more manual adjustments. Many chiropractors in Linda Vista - San Diego also incorporate nutritional counseling, exercise or rehabilitation into the treatment plan.
How is a Chiropractor licensed?
The Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in 92111 must complete four academic years at a school accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education, as well as a one-year internship at an outpatient clinic owned and run by a chiropractic college. They are tested and certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and licensed by the state in which they practice. To maintain licensure in most states, practitioners must complete a certain number of continuing education hours annually.

There are several schools of chiropractic adjustment techniques, although most chiropractors mix techniques from several schools. Some Applied Kinesiologists in Linda Vista - San Diego are qualified as Chiropractors.